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Budget & Finance Committee


Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibility of the Budget and Finance Committee is to maintain a continuing review of the financial affairs of Nar-Anon FGH, Inc. Using this information, it's the committee's duty to make appropriate recommendations to WSO, the Executive Committee, and/or the Board of Trustees regarding financial matters.

• Review income, production costs and expenses to prepare a budget for the upcoming year.
• Review financial information periodically as checks and balances, and annually against the budget.
• Review income, production costs and expenses periodically to make recommendations or suggestions to WSO or BOT of any cost savings or adjustments that would benefit the financial position of the corporation.

Qualifications for Membership

In addition to the general requirements for serving on a world service committee, members should have an understanding of Concept Eleven: “Nar-Anon funds are used to further our primary purpose to carry the message, and must be managed responsibly”. Members should have knowledge and understanding of, or an interest in financial matters.

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Nar-Anon FGH Financial Reports


  • Balance Sheet (as of Dec 31, 2016) PDF
  • Profit & Loss (Jan-Dec 2016) PDF


  • Balance Sheet (as of Dec 31, 2015) PDF
  • Profit & Loss (Jan-Dec 2015) PDF
  • Statement of Income & Expense (Jan-Dec 2015) PDF


  • Balance Sheet (as of Dec 31, 2014) PDF
  • Profit & Loss (Jan-Dec 2014) PDF


  • Balance Sheet (as of Dec 31, 2013) PDF
  • Profit & Loss (Jan-Dec 2013) PDF


  • Balance Sheet (as of Dec 31, 2012) PDF
  • Statement of Income (Jan-Dec 2012) PDF