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Don't See Your Country, Region, Area, or Group Here?

Does your country, region, area, or group have a Nar-Anon website that you want added to this page? Would your local Nar-Anon service committee like to start a website? If so, here’s what you can do to get started:

  1. Download the World Service Website Handbook or purchase one from the Nar-Anon Webstore. This handbook has suggestions for starting and developing a website.

  2. Make changes to your website as suggested by the Handbook. In order to be added to the this page, websites need to be especially careful with CAL or other copyrighted or trademarked property, members’ anonymity, and references to outside organizations, so that they adhere to the principles of our program.

  3. When all of your updates are complete, go to the Nar-Anon Site Registration page. Fill out and submit the form to send a request to the World Service Website Committee.

  4. Then patiently wait for a response from the World Service Website Committee.

Where Did You Get That Picture?

We want our websites to be bright and attractive. What better way to get people’s attention than adding a few beautiful pictures. However, do you know where that picture came from? Do you have the right to use that picture on your website? Copying pictures from others, including websites, is no different than copying words from famous people – both raise questions about copyrights and plagiarism. Our websites should be consistent with Traditions Seven and Ten.