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Human Resource Committee


Duties and Responsibilities

The purpose of the World Service Human Resource Committee is to screen candidates applying to become members of the board of trustees and Conference Facilitator.

The duties of the committee are to develop, maintain and implement a nominations process to identify the most qualified candidates for service. The committee notifies the Nar-Anon fellowship of the open positions and the qualifications to serve in these positions; screens applications for those most qualified for election to the BOT and Conference Facilitator; interviews potential candidates and checks references; and forwards a list of the most qualified applicants to the WSC for election to Human Resource Committee. 

Qualifications for Membership

In addition to the general requirements for serving on a world service committee, members should have five years of continuous service in Nar-Anon, including world service experience. Members of this committee must also agree to protect confidential information obtained in the application process.


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