How can we let families and friends of addicts know about Nar-Anon? By doing outreach to spread awareness! The focus of outreach is to let families and friends of addicts know that help is available. An outreach committee acts as a vital link between individuals seeking help and Nar-Anon members who share their experience, strength, and hope. Outreach assists in the growth of our local groups, areas, and regions.

Performing Outreach

Using the Nar-Anon Outreach Information Folder and the Outreach Packet, we distribute information about Nar-Anon to the public.

Outreach committees can be adapted to the needs of their area/region in a manner that coincides with our Mission and Vision Statements.

Guide for Outreach Letters

The six form letters included in the Nar-Anon Outreach Folder packet are for use by regions, areas, and groups for outreach purposes.

It is suggested that each letter be accompanied by a local or regional meeting directory, if available, and the outreach literature tri-folds found in the Outreach Packet.

Ask GSRs to distribute An Open Letter to Doctors/Mental Health Facilities and An Open Letter to Spiritual Leaders to their group members. In turn, the group members can be asked to distribute these letters, anonymously if they wish, to medical and mental health professionals or spiritual contacts. In turn, the group members can be asked to drop off these letters, anonymously if they wish, to their own medical, mental and spiritual contacts.

An outreach committee may want to use the Internet and phone book to identify local services:

  • Doctors and medical centers
  • Therapists and mental health facilities
  • Clergy and ecumenical councils

Addiction and government websites often have treatment center listings and other related organizations. An outreach committee may want to use the internet and phone book to identify local services. Outreach letters, together with a local meeting directory and other Nar-Anon literature, can then be mailed or delivered in person by willing volunteers.

Outreach Tools

Outreach is essential to spreading awareness of the Nar-Anon program. This page provides links to downloadable tools to support your outreach efforts.

Public Service Announcement (PSA) - for use in newspapers, online classified advertisements and other print media.

Video PSA (video below) - for outreach via Nar-Anon related websites, forums, and other digital avenues.

Checklist for an Outreach Booth - to help with organization and set up of an outreach booth.

Nar-Anon Offers Hope - printable and photocopiable PDF version for the purposes of outreach. (Print on white paper only)

Outreach Challenge

The World Service Outreach Committee organizes outreach challenges that can be used by groups at the local, area and regional level. They're made to help members become more involved in service work and support our primary goal of carrying the message of Nar-Anon.

We welcome your participation in creating new challenges. What outreach efforts have been successful for you? Work with us to share your ideas with others worldwide. You can e-mail us at