Service Guides

The Nar-Anon Family Groups’ Guide to Local Services is for fellowship members who have found the personal growth and continuous recovery that comes from taking an active role in the Nar-Anon program. The NFG Guide to Local Services can serve as a vehicle to the many ways Nar-Anon members can be of service to the fellowship. Service is a wonderful way to give back to the program for the peace and serenity members receive when using the tools of Nar-Anon.

While Tradition Nine states in part, “Our groups as such, ought never to be organized,” it does suggest that an orderly structure and reasonable procedures will make it possible for Nar-Anon to carry the message with maximum effectiveness.

This guide is a resource to those in every country committing themselves to providing services necessary to carry the message to the families and friends of addicts. For further information concerning local adjustments to the NFG Guide to Local Services, contact Nar-Anon WSO.

Service Literature

Appropriate Sharing & Crosstalk (S-308) PDF | Purchase

Event Planning Handbook (S-320) PDF | Purchase

Narateen Group Information (S-330) PDF | Purchase

Group Conscience and Business Meetings (S-305) PDF | Purchase

Guidelines for Healthy Meetings (S-303) PDF | Purchase

Let's Talk About Anonymity (S-307) PDF | Purchase

Nar-Anon Group Inventory (S-316) PDF | Purchase

World Service Narateen Safety Policy & Guidelines (S-332) PDF | Purchase

Narateen Facilitator Registration Form (S-333) PDF

Newsletter Handbook (S-317) PDF | Purchase

No Nar-Anon Group? (S-309) PDF | Purchase

Sample Format for Beginner Meetings (S-319) PDF | Purchase

Sample Format for Nar-Anon Meetings (S-314) PDF | Purchase

Sample Format for Narateen Meetings (S-331) PDF | Purchase

Website Handbook (S-318) PDF| Purchase 

Fellowship Review

The 2016 WSC approved a review process which allows for fellowship input on service and outreach materials labeled as “Fellowship Review”. These materials can be changed based on input from the fellowship within the traditions and principles of Nar-Anon.  Suggested changes to fellowship review materials should be sent to This may reduce the number of motions to amend materials after they have received conference approval and also allows for input before getting conference approval.   This process does not include recovery literature or materials already stamped conference approved.  Recovery and CAL materials require motions to be changed.

New To Nar-Anon or Thinking About Attending a Meeting? (S-322FR) PDF | Purchase

So You Have Been Asked to Speak (S-325FR) PDF | Purchase

Social Media  (S-321FR) PDF  | Purchase

Outreach Flyer (O-415FR)  PDF  Purchase To be able type in your meeting information - you will need to download file.

Starting a Meeting and Never Been to a Twelve Step Meeting  (S-323FR) PDF  | Purchase

Inappropriate and Disruptive Behavior  (S-326FR) PDF | Purchase

Service Sponsors and Our Trusted Servants  (S-327FR) PDF | Purchase

Outreach Contact Card (O-416FR)-  Printing Template Instructions Below. PDF

The Outreach Contact Card template prints front and back on business card stock (10 cards per page) and allows local groups to add contact and/or meeting information before printing. Business card stock is available for purchase at office supply stores. The card can also be printed on card stock and cut to size. To be able type in your meeting information - you will need to download file.

Pull-Tab Flyer (O-417FR)          

Instructions below [download pdf]

This PDF offers three versions of the Pull-Tab Flyer - one black and white, one color, and one color plus interactive. The interactive version allows local groups to type in meeting/contact information before printing.

Remember to cut the pull-tabs before posting so they are easily removed!