Are you, your region, or service committee writing literature for submission?

Did you know in order to use your writings, we must have a signed Copyright Release Form? There are no exceptions!  If your region is submitting a document with multiple writers, each writer must submit a separate Copyright Release Form.  We cannot accept one form for a submission written by multiple people.  

Remember, when your region or service body decides to compile materials, all writings must be original. No matter how much we like a writing from another fellowship or organization; we must apply our Seventh Tradition. Being fully self-supporting includes our literature.  Changing words is not acceptable, is not carrying the Nar-Anon message, and will result in us being unable to use the writing.  This can slow down the release of our literature and does not support the common welfare of the entire fellowship. We know that no one wants to intentionally bring Nar-Anon into public controversy. For more information, please refer to the Literature Writing Guidelines, which can be found on our website.  

Important reminders:

• Only original writings  

• All submissions must have individual release forms for each writer

Posted on April 18, 2017 .