Conference 2006


World Service Conference 2006 Report

At our World Service Conference (WSC) held in San Pedro, CA, in April 2006, many new changes were developed. Attendees included elected Delegates and / or Alternate Delegates, members of Nar-Anon, and the World Service Board of Trustees.
First and foremost was the development of our Mission Statement, followed with our Vision Statement, which enables us to obtain our goals in the Mission Statement. To facilitate this process, many new changes were made to our existing literature. This was brought to each member through their Delegate, in turn to the various Areas, Regions, and to the Group Level. As trusted servants - the Delegates that you elected carried back to the WSC the voice and vote of the Areas they represented.
We are a Fellowship that believed in "Moving Forward” and through this, we go through a process called “Progress Not Perfection.”
At the Conference, it was decided that we needed to be cognizant that we are “worldwide”and deal with different languages and cultures. As we are a spiritual and not religious program, like the other 12 Step programs, it was decided to remove any religious references to encompass those worldwide who also suffer from being affected by someone else’s addiction.
Since the WSC, there has been confusion in reference to the removal of the Opening Prayer, having the Big Book of AA and/or the Basic text of NA at meetings, and bringing in counselors and speakers who do not carry a Nar-Anon message. Our Traditions state that Nar-Anon “has no opinion on outside issues”. No one at the WSO, World Board of Trustees, and WSC is a dictator; we are all merely trusted servants who believe in our primary purpose.
Nar-Anon has its own CAL (Conference Approved Literature) with other pamphlets and daily reader (Sharing Experience, Strength and Hope–SESH) book to come. We obtained permission from Al-Anon to utilize their literature until our own was CAL. We have slowly eliminated those Al-Anon pieces that we no longer need to carry and replaced them with our own, as per our agreement made with them years ago.
We have never had permission from either NA or AA to carry any of their literature. The only permission we have received from NA is to reproduce their 12 Traditions and 12 Concepts. WSO is not telling any group what to do. Our 4th tradition states “Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other Nar-Anon groups or NA as a whole.”
As we have heard concerns from many members, we hope this helps to clarify the issue.