Board of Trustees

Mission Statement

The board of trustees is dedicated to the growth of Nar-­Anon Family Groups. In cooperation with the world service committees and the World Service Office, we will support the worldwide fellowship by developing the services necessary to carry the message of Nar-­Anon.

The Nar-­Anon Board of Trustees is responsible for Nar-­Anon Family Group Headquarters, Inc., a California non-­profit public benefit corporation. In accordance with the Nar-­Anon Twelve Concepts of Service, the BOT acts as guardian of the Nar-­Anon Traditions, provides support for the administration of Nar-­Anon world services, and has legal authority responsible for managing Nar-­Anon affairs worldwide.

Nar-Anon World Service System

Nar-Anon World Service System


Board Letters