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Narateen Members: We would like to hear from you!!

The World Service Narateen Committee is looking for submission to create a Narateen 31 Day Reader.
If you have something to share: you or your group sponsor can send it via:
EMAIL: Narateen share
US MAIL: 22527 Crenshaw Blvd., Suite 200B, Torrance, CA 90505, ATTN: Narateen Committee
When submitting, include a Nar-Anon Copyright Release Form.
All Narateen writing will be anonymous. Contact the WS Narateen Committee with any questions.

Nar-Anon Member or Group Interested in Narateen Service?

  •   Request Narateen Materials.
  •   Reach out to younger members in your group’s outreach projects.
  •   Start a Narateen Group.
  •   Become a Narateen Sponsor.
  •   Join the World Service Narateen Committee.

Narateen Literature available from NFG World Service

  •   Sponsoring a Narateen Group (S-330) Download in Service Literature
  •   Narateen New Group Packet (S-332)
  •   To the Concerned Teenage Family Member or Friend (O-431)
  •   About Narateen for the Professional (O-430)
  •   Narateen Sample Meeting Format (S-331)- In Narateen New Group Packet and Download in Service Literature
  •   Information for the Teenage Newcomer (P-118)- In Narateen Group Packet
  •   Book: One Day At A Time (Al-Anon materials for Narateen Groups)
  •   Book: Living Today in Alateen (Al-Anon materials for Narateen Groups)
  •   Book: Hope for Children of Alcoholics (Al-Anon materials for Narateen Groups)


Does your Nar-Anon Family Groups have younger members or families with young people?

Have Narateen materials available and included them in the group.  Consider starting a Narateen Group and Narateen Sponsors. 

It may be a good idea to hold Narateen meetings at the same time and location as the Nar-Anon or NA meeting. A weekly meeting will give members a better opportunity to apply and practice the Narateen program in their lives on a day-to-day basis.
Every Narateen group has a Nar-Anon sponsor. If possible, it is suggested that each group has two sponsors. An NA member may assist a group. If, however, NA members are also Nar-Anon members, they may serve as the sponsor of a Narateen group by virtue of their Nar-Anon membership. Emphasis should be placed on the Nar-Anon program at all times. Narateen sponsors should help to facilitate, not rule, the meetings by keeping the group focused and on topic. It is best if a sponsor is not a parent of a Narateen member as the members of the group may not feel free to speak openly. Sponsors should be those who are active in Nar-Anon and continue to attend their own meetings. Groups are more successful if a sponsor is willing to serve in this capacity for one year, preferably two. It is the responsibility of a sponsor to find a substitute if unable to be present at a meeting.
Narateens are members of the Nar-Anon fellowship and, as the name implies, Narateen is designed for members in their teens. Members beyond the teen years are encouraged to attend Nar-Anon meetings. Family members below teen years may not be ready for the Narateen self-help program. Such children may have to depend on others to choose what they learn. This dependency could lead to the development of a teaching program rather than a shared learning experience. “Teaching” is not compatible with the Nar-Anon principle of sharing. There are, however, younger children who need and are ready for sharing in Narateen. It is within the autonomy of each Narateen group to lower the age limit or divide into groups according to age. Whatever the decision, all such groups will be registered as “Narateen” at the World Service Office (WSO). 

Questions? Need more Information? Need member or group support?
Contact the World Service Narateen Committee at