About Narateen for the Professional

Narateen is a part of the worldwide fellowship of Nar-Anon Family Groups, a twelve step self- help program.  Narateen provides support and hope to young people whose lives have been affected by a relative or friend’s drug abuse.

For addicts seeking help, drug recovery programs are available. However, Narateen is designed for the teenaged brother, sister, child, or friend of an addict. In the Narateen program, teens learn addiction is a disease. They are not responsible for the actions of the addict. Through group meetings, young people learn from each other effective ways of coping, while at the same time gaining some peace of mind and hope for a better way to live.

Narateen meetings are sponsored and monitored by experienced Nar-Anon members or Narcotics Anonymous members who are also members of Nar-Anon. Young people are welcome to attend meetings without prior arrangements. There are no charges or obligations. As this is an anonymous program, only first names are used. Because everything said in a meeting is held in confidence, members are free to say what is on their minds and in their hearts. Narateen members help one another by sharing their experience, strength and hope.

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